Admission Policy

The following will be the transparent admission policy of our school:

  1. No written exam. will be conducted for admission to Class L.K.G.
  2. No interview will be taken for admission to Class L.K.G.
  3. All the Registration Forms will be verified and scrutinized under a 100 point scale.
  4. The upper limit of the weightage will be given according to the following headings:

–         Martyrs
–         Armed Forces/Para Military
–         Police Force/Judiciary/Administration
–         Other Govt. Services
–         Private Service
–         Self Employed

Gallantry & National/State Sports Awards
Girl Child
Single Parent
Educational Qualification of both the parents
– Post Graduation which includes Professional qualification
– Graduation
– Class XII & below

Distance / Area
Form Verification
Age Group 3½ to 4½ years

The school does not accept any type of donation and recommendation for admission in the school.
The Management reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason.


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