Session : The School Session is from April to March. There are two Terms in a year – each term having two Formative and one Summative exam.

Books : List of Books will be given on the School Notice Board and the students are to bring only the prescribed books to school. Books can be bought from any shop in the market.

Activities : The list of holidays and activities will be mentioned on the School Calendar, which will be issued from the school.

Discipline : St. Paul’s School children are expected to conduct themselves with dignity in and out of the school. The school will insist on: punctuality, regularity, wearing of neat and complete uniform, hard work, honesty, good manners and respect for others.
– Vulgarity in talk and behaviour will be harshly death with.
– It is compulsory for students to speak in English in the school campus.
– Respect and honour to teachers and elders is very much insisted.
– If any damage is done to the school property by any student, it must be made good by him or her immediately.

Cleanliness : Student’s uniform including shoes must be neat and clean while
coming to school. Children whose appearance is untidy or whose school uniform is not neat or incomplete will not be allowed in the class-room.

Uniform : Students must come to school in complete and proper school uniform daily as prescribed in the diary. The colour and shade of the school uniform should be the same for all. Please examine the sample of cloth and design of the uniform displayed on the school Notice-Board before the summer and winter uniform is prepared. The winter uniform should be prepared in advance so that on the appointed day the children come to school in the prescribed uniform.

Punctuality : Students are expected to come to school in time. Entry will not be allowed to those who come late to school.

Leave and Absence : Whenever a student is absent in the school he or she (of class VIth and above) should write a leave application and should get it signed by the class teacher and students of all classes should get the Leave and Absence Record in the student’s diary signed by the parents and the Principal on the day of their return to school.
No student can take leave for more than 10 days without prior permission of the Principal. In case of leave due to sickness, medical certificate should be attached with the leave application.
Students will not be allowed to be taken home during the school hours. In case of emergency, only the parents can take their children home with the permission of the Principal. Students will not be sent home with anybody other than parents or guardians.

Maintenance of School Diary : The School diary should be brought to school daily. Most of the information is communicated to the parents through the student’s diary. Therefore, If a parent is called for by the teacher or the Principal, the parent should comply with the request as soon as possible.

Lost Properties : Students should look after their properties by themselves. The school is not responsible for any lost article of any student. If any lost property is found, it will be kept in the “LOST AND FOUND” box, from where the student can pick up his / her lost articles.

Fees : The fee structure changes from time to time. Fee structure for this session is put up on the Notice Board of the Fees Counter. The school fee must be paid as per fee structure, after which a late fee will be charged as fine. Habitual defaulters’ names will be struck off the rolls.

Removal of Students : Student shall be liable to dismissal from school on any of the following grounds:
(1) Inability to follow class in English.
(2) Continuous lack of progress in class. (Two consecutive ‘Advised to repeat’ remarks in the Report Card).
(3) Acts of indiscipline and insubordination.
(4) Absence for more than ten days without information and application for leave.
(5) Immoral acts of stealing, damaging, misbehaviour etc.
(6) Non-payment of fees.
(7) Non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the School.
(8) Repeated acts of carelessness, laziness and negligence.
(9) Conduct, which is harmful to others and which brings a bad name to the school.
(10) Parent’s misbehaviour with teachers.


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