1. Correctly Filled in Registration Form available in the Prospectus.

2. Application for registration should be made on the prescribe form attached enclosing the following documents :
      I  (a)  Birth Registration certificate from the municipal council for classes LKG to Ist
      II (b) Certificate of Date of Birth (in original) from the previous school for classes IInd and above
      III.  True copy of the Latest progress report
     IV.   Certificates of extra curricular activities
      V.    One passport size photograph of the student has to be fixed in due space on the registration form

3. Certificate of Date of Birth from the Previous School for Classes II and above.

4. Transfer Certificate of the Previous School for classes II and above.

5. True Copy of the latest Report Card for Classes other than LKG.

6. Copies of certificates of extra-curricular activities if any for classes other than LKG.

7. One Passport size photo of the child on the Registration Form.

8. Prescribed age limit; 31/2 to 41/2 years for LKG and correspondingly for higher classes.

9. Attendance of child and both parents at Interaction for LKG.

10. Attendance of child and good performance in the Entrance Test.


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