Admission Regulations

1. Admissions are open to candidates irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion, by the screening of Registration Forms for classes L.K.G. and H.K.G. and by Admission Test for classes I and above

2. Age for NURSERY 2.9 to 3.9 years and for L.K.G. Section is 3.9 to 4.9 years and correspondingly for higher classes. (as on 1st April of the year in which admission is sought).

3. Date and time of Entrance Test for admission to classes I and above will be intimated to the parents at the time of submission of the registration form. Generally the test will be conducted in the month( s) of April/June.

4. Entrance Test will be on essential subjects like English, Hindi, Science and Mathematics for all classes. Only the students who qualify at the Entrance Test will be admitted.

5. List of successful candidates will be displayed on the school Notice Board. The parent/guardian should fill in the Admission Form and deposit the fee before the stipulated date failing which his/her ). admission will automatically be cancelled.

6. Only those students, who in the opinion of the Principal, are able to follow lessons in English will be granted admission. (classes I and above).

7. Application for registration should be made on the prescribed form attached enclosing the following documents:

a) Birth Registration Certificate from the Municipal Council for classes L.K.G. to I.

b) Certificate of Date of birth (in original) from the previous school for classes II and above

c) True copy of the latest progress report.

d) Certificates of extra-curricular activities.

e) One passport size photograph of the student has to be fixed in due space on the Registration form.

8. Admissions will be confirmed only after submission of Transfer Certificate duly countersigned by the concerned DEO I Regional Officer (R.O.), CBSE (for classes n and above).

9. For admission to class X, copy of registration certificate of class IX is required.

10. Admission to classes XI and XII will require the following documents:

(1) Attested copy of Sec. School Exam. Mark sheet (Board).
(2) Original Transfer Certificate counter singed by Dist. Education Officer or R.O., C.B.S.E.
(3) XI class mark sheet (for admission to class XII).
(4) Attested copy of Sec. School (Board) Pass Certificate.
(5) Migration Certificate (original) for schools affiliated to other than CBSE.
(6) For admission to classes X and xn, proof of transfer of parents or shifting of residence is required as per norms of the CBSE. Approval from CBSE is also applicable for confirmation of admission into these classes.

11. No form shall be accepted without the above documents for registration for admission to any class and incomplete forms will automatically be disqualified from the admission process.

12. Students seeking admission to classes L.K.G. and H.K.G. must enclose the documents printed at the end of the Registration Form.

13. After admission to this school, every parent/guardian/student is liable to follow the rules and regulations mentioned in the student’s diary and any modifications there of from time to time.


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