Principal Elucidates

Silver Jubilee is an occasion to celebrate. an occasion for joy and jubilation. It is a time for thanking the Lord for  the  manifold gifts and graces He has showered  upon this  Institution for the last 25 years. I am  glad that I am  part of this jubilation.

At this moment, I proudly look back at the  origin of this illustrious institution with the highly  experienced  Rev. Fr. J. S. Pinto as its Manager  and Principal and  with just 92 students and a few  teachers. The tiny  plant that the pioneers  planted has now grown into a  huge tree giving fruit and shade to thousands of  children of this town.

As the new millennium is progressing, the world is shrinking further, but the younger generation is fast distancing itself from our culture and values. In this scenario, the role of parents and teachers is becoming increasingly challenging. Therefore, in the world that is failing apart at such a reckless pace, the primary duty of an educational institution is to produce individuals, who can blend harmoniously, in traditions and trends to design a radiant future for themselves.

St. Paul’s School, Beawar is engaged in relentless pursuit of the goals which the founder of this institution Rev. Fr. J. S. Pinto and the President of our Society Rt. Rev. Bishop Ignatius Menezes have set before us. We are doing everything possible in giving a positive direction to the students entrusted to our care, so that they can combat the challenges posed by the ever-changing competitive world, and serve as strong weapons in the armoury of society to fight against any upheavals.

On this happy occasion, I wish all the parents, staff and students a very Happy Silver Jubilee.

May the Good Lord bless and protect this institution today and all the years to come. May silver turn to gold. and that is my prayer for this institution.


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