Alumni Programme - 2024 - 2025


“Your Alma Mater is calling !

Take a walk down memory lane by meeting up with an old friend.

It is a matter of great pride and honour for the school when its students spread their wings and take flight into the infinite sky. You, our alumni, are our priceless possessions and valued emissaries who have added sheen and lustre to the glory of the Institute and raised the banner of the school high. In order to foster and strengthen the school - alumni bond and relive the fond memories, the school is organising its First Alumni Meet on 3rd November 2024 at 07.00 am

Students who have passed out Class X and above are eligible for the Alumni Meet.  Relive and recreate your childhood memories.  .  It's time to connect with your Alma Mater.  Walk down the memory lane and flip your photo album.  Visit the School Website for more details about the Alumni Meet and catch up on old times.

The fee for the day’s event is Rupees 1000/- and Registration fee Rs. 200/- for student.  Once the payment is successful, Screen shot/receipt of the same has to be taken and the Image/PDF has to be uploaded via the Google form which will be filled by you.

Please submit your consent before 31st July 2024.










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